Clerkenhill Frizbee Golf

Our 18 basket frizbee golf course is set in a picturesque Pembrokeshire valley. You are surrounded by beautiful countryside with trees and streams surrounding the course. Frizbee Golf follows similar rules to Golf but instead of hitting a ball with a club towards a hole in the ground you throw a Frizbee towards a ‘basket’. Your challenge is to throw the frizbee into the basket with the least amount of throws.

Each fairway has a par rating & varies in distance & difficulty from its neighbours. Fairways vary in distance from 14 metres to 90 metres. There are many obstacles and challenges to guide your frizbee through. Frizbee Golf can be enjoyed by everyone. See if you can get a hole in one.

We can also offer stag do’s, yfc’s, and any other clubs to play frizbee golf in the evening. Groups wishing to play in the evening will need to Book. Frizbees are available at reception at a returnable deposit.

You will not need to book unless you are a group over 10 people wanting to play in the evening.